I was so excited today to finally see final results of the work of our friend Pablo. Roof and gutter are completely clean (although I’m sure not for long), but most importantly the deck was cleaned and stained. It turned out awesome, in my humble opinion. Pablo called me after he opened the stain and asked if I really want to use that one. It looked completely black. But he admitted at the end that it turned out really good. The new stain has texture so hopefully it will prevent the deck from getting so slippery when wet. ¬†Even so, always be careful on wet surfaces!


Labor Day Weekend

Ah, it’s good to be back at the cabin. We spent most of the summer in Europe but our awesome guests and cleaning crew took a great care of the place. Nevertheless we had some work to do outside this weekend and scheduled a much needed roof and gutter cleaning for the following week. My mom is here visiting from Poland and as always she is an unmatched help with everything. Also, new interesting hobby that Steve and my brother picked up. Setting traps for crawdads! No actual crawdads were cought though ūüė¶


Almost summer

The school is over and we are here for few days to get the cabin ready for the summer. There are some beautiful flowers blooming in the garden right now, they smell as good as they look too. We put some bark down under the swing, planted some herbs and cut the grass as best as we (I mean I) could. Tomorrow suppose to rain so we stayed outside as long as we possibly could until it was time to go make dinner.

Next week handy dandy Bill comes out to stain the deck and clean the roof. I can’t wait to see how the deck comes out. I chose a very dark grey color, textured to make it less slippery. Not your usual choice for the stain but I have high hopes.


Relaxing weekend

It’s been a very wet winter. The river is really going strong this time of the year and especially this year. Nice days are starting to sneak up on us though and we enjoyed some sunshine on Sunday after a particularly wet and lazy Saturday at the cabin. Baby Ian has a favorite chair now. It may be the first time we have seen him seat still for a minute all on his own. Also, I brought an extra yoga mat for ¬† ¬† our guests’ use. It’s been so nice to stretch in the morning as the sunshine peaked through the window.





Eating in – breakfast sandwiches

We cooked way more than usual this weekend. Usually we go out for dinner at least once and breakfast once or twice. This was a long weekend and we only went out once to Wraptitude after church on Sunday. Maybe it’s because it’s getting harder and harder to eat healthy enough. We are raising the bar. Anyhow, everyone loves today’s breakfast. It was simple. I fried some eggs, toasted some sourdough bread and assemble sandwiches with avocado, green onion, cucumber and some of the olive oil poached cherry tomatoes that I roasted last week. Served with some cheddar cheese for Steve and Sofie. Yum

Project – string lights


When my brother was here visiting from Poland he helped me install these string lights over the picnic table. To connect those you have to pull the extension cord from outside of the laundry room all the way to the covered area but once they are on it is so great. We had a great outside dinner and enjoyed the fire way passed our bedtime last night.

Reading a cookbook and enjoying some coconut lime kambucha ( on tap at nearby Thriftway). I literally had a whole gallon of it by myself this weekend.


Our kids love to be outside. I guess most kids do ūüôā

Enjoying our fire and some alfresco dinner ( just chicken apple sausage from the fire and a couple of salads). We ended the evening with some marshmallows. New lights made the evening much more comfortable.

Project Рshower 

At last, after many comments from our guests and husband we installed the curtain rod and put up the shower. It is not the best and most sturdy solution but the only one that works right now in this space. I have to say, it works pretty well. ¬†One day maybe I will get my steam shower cabin…


Eating in – pancakes

Just trying to use up that huge tub of pancake mix so we can refill it with gluten free pancakes (Steve’s favorite). ¬†also, needed a quick breakfast so I could sneak out for an hour of yoga at the local Zen studio ($15 for walk-ins). ¬†Used an egg, some oil and milk to make desired consistency. We served them with maple syrup and bananas. I love this griddle pan, we need it at our house. ¬†

Mixed up batter

My lemon water before yoga


 Bye Summer


We are back at the cabin for the Labor Day Weekend and to properly end this awesome summer.  We’ll be doing some winterization but mostly a lot of relaxation and some mushroom picking. We hit the local library this afternoon and grabbed some children’s books and books on mushrooms. We will get our permits in the morning, but first I’m heading to local yoga class at 9 am. So excited! 

Yes, this is me wearing my hello kitty footed pijamas. Oh, and Ian stood up on his own today against the floor seat. He loves the cabin too.


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