Tiny Homes on Mt Hood


Mt Hood Village is opening tiny home village! I’m super excited about this project as a big fun of simplicity and minimalism. The new Mount Hood Tiny House Village is comprised of five adorable tiny houses at the Mount Hood Village RV Resort, aimed at attracting tourists looking for a different kind of vacation rental.

The target demographic is of a younger generation, explained Annie Colletti, communications manager for Equity LifeStyle Properties (which owns the RV resort), and is made up of folks looking for alternative ways to travel.

The tiny houses, which range from 175 to 260 square feet, offer just that. They’re smaller than a hotel room, but more modern than a cabin and more accommodating than a tent site. Each one also comes with its own style, personality and Northwest-popular baby name (details from oregonlive.com). 

On Friday we attended the open house at tiny village. There was food, live music and long lines in the rain to see each one of those amazing and cute structures. This was the first time we ever visited a tiny home. They look bigger on tv! Although during the last 12 months we went from 3,800 sqft to 1,600 sqft of living space and are totally fine with it, we agreed as a family that we will not be downsizing to that level anytime soon. 




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