Project – string lights


When my brother was here visiting from Poland he helped me install these string lights over the picnic table. To connect those you have to pull the extension cord from outside of the laundry room all the way to the covered area but once they are on it is so great. We had a great outside dinner and enjoyed the fire way passed our bedtime last night.

Reading a cookbook and enjoying some coconut lime kambucha ( on tap at nearby Thriftway). I literally had a whole gallon of it by myself this weekend.


Our kids love to be outside. I guess most kids do 🙂

Enjoying our fire and some alfresco dinner ( just chicken apple sausage from the fire and a couple of salads). We ended the evening with some marshmallows. New lights made the evening much more comfortable.


Project – shower 

At last, after many comments from our guests and husband we installed the curtain rod and put up the shower. It is not the best and most sturdy solution but the only one that works right now in this space. I have to say, it works pretty well.  One day maybe I will get my steam shower cabin…


Eating in – pancakes

Just trying to use up that huge tub of pancake mix so we can refill it with gluten free pancakes (Steve’s favorite).  also, needed a quick breakfast so I could sneak out for an hour of yoga at the local Zen studio ($15 for walk-ins).  Used an egg, some oil and milk to make desired consistency. We served them with maple syrup and bananas. I love this griddle pan, we need it at our house.  

Mixed up batter

My lemon water before yoga


 Bye Summer


We are back at the cabin for the Labor Day Weekend and to properly end this awesome summer.  We’ll be doing some winterization but mostly a lot of relaxation and some mushroom picking. We hit the local library this afternoon and grabbed some children’s books and books on mushrooms. We will get our permits in the morning, but first I’m heading to local yoga class at 9 am. So excited! 

Yes, this is me wearing my hello kitty footed pijamas. Oh, and Ian stood up on his own today against the floor seat. He loves the cabin too.


Eating out – Mallards Cafe


This lovely spot is opened in spring and summer only. Whenever you feel like relaxing by the golf course surrounded by beautiful mountain views and you don’t mind spending $20 per person on a breakfast buffett ($10 for children over 2, drinks not included) this is your spot. Food is good but not as good as the buffett at Timberline. Their showcase item is an omelet station. I just had stir fried vegetables and they were perfectly done. Steve had an omelet and loved it. Oh, and you can’t forget $1 mimosas 🙂



Tiny Homes on Mt Hood


Mt Hood Village is opening tiny home village! I’m super excited about this project as a big fun of simplicity and minimalism. The new Mount Hood Tiny House Village is comprised of five adorable tiny houses at the Mount Hood Village RV Resort, aimed at attracting tourists looking for a different kind of vacation rental.

The target demographic is of a younger generation, explained Annie Colletti, communications manager for Equity LifeStyle Properties (which owns the RV resort), and is made up of folks looking for alternative ways to travel.

The tiny houses, which range from 175 to 260 square feet, offer just that. They’re smaller than a hotel room, but more modern than a cabin and more accommodating than a tent site. Each one also comes with its own style, personality and Northwest-popular baby name (details from 

On Friday we attended the open house at tiny village. There was food, live music and long lines in the rain to see each one of those amazing and cute structures. This was the first time we ever visited a tiny home. They look bigger on tv! Although during the last 12 months we went from 3,800 sqft to 1,600 sqft of living space and are totally fine with it, we agreed as a family that we will not be downsizing to that level anytime soon. 



The view

Here is a cool picture from the cabin bedroom that one of the guests generously shared with us after their stay. Thank you!


Eating out – Al Forno Ferruzza Pizza

New pizza place on the mountain! This is actually a popular Sicilian pizza place from NE Alberta in Portland that moved over to Rhododendron.  We were excited to try it. They feature local ingredients and make some yummy salads and other creations. You get 8 large slices on each pie, around $25. Note how we completely over ordered, as usual. But, we had great leftovers for the next day! There aren’t too many big tables suitable for kids and we were lucky to get an only booth in there.  Next time we will just get take out. They also deliver! How cool.  


Spring cleaning


Spring is finally here. Tax season has ended so we were finally able to get away.  This is also our first overnight trip here with baby Ian. First night behind us and he did well, or should I say as well as at home. So, here we are, enjoying our morning lemon water.  No plans for this weekend other than to have some good food and relax. 

Two things are happening this week at the cabin. First, Glenn from pest control has set up some traps for some unwanted visitors. It hasn’t been a huge problem, but we decided to start a quarterly maintenance for peace of mind. 

Second, our cleaning crew is doing spring cleaning later this week. They are usually very good about keeping the place clean between guests but it is nice to do a deeper cleaning after winter. 



Welcome to the cabin Baby Ian!

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